Code of Conduct

Edinburgh ceilidh club events should be fun, friendly and welcoming for anyone to enjoy social dancing, Scottish culture and hospitality. To do this we ask everyone attending to respect our code of conduct and, if you do not we may ask you to leave and you may be permanently banned at the promoter or venue managers’ discretion without a refund.

  • Edinburgh Ceilidh Club is for everyone regardless of age, disability, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or physical appearance. We do not accept physical harassment or inappropriate sexist, homophobic or racist language of any kind.
  • Respect your partner’s boundaries and any physical or verbal requests your partner has made regarding the dance. For instance if your partner has expressed being uncomfortable with any move in the dance you will adapt the dance to accommodate them or if this is not possible you will stop dancing.
  • While dancing please try your best to keep yourself, your partner and everyone around you safe. If an accident happens please apologise and check if anyone needs medical assistance – report any concerns to Edinburgh Ceilidh Club or venue staff immediately.
  • You must not dance dangerously and you must adapt your dancing depending on the number of people on the dance floor.
  • You must obtain verbal consent from your partner before lifting, dipping or doing other moves (for example: alternative spinning holds in the Strip the willow) which are not usually done or are unexpected. If your partner says no to this then please respect this, they shouldn’t need to explain their reasons.
  • The band or dance caller will offer guidance as to how to do the dance, be aware that many people learn moves better by doing them than just being talked through the dances. No matter how experienced a dancer you may be, teaching other dancers what to do should only be done if:
  1. It has been specifically requested by your partner or a group of dancers.
  2. It has been specifically requested by the band or dance caller.
  3. You have specifically asked if someone would like your assistance and they have accepted your offer.
  • Physically pushing or pulling people around the dance floor is never an acceptable way of showing people how to do a dance.
  • If someone declines a dance, do not pressure them for a dance or an explanation. Accepting a dance is entirely at their discretion, and it should be just as easy for someone to turn down a dance as to accept one.
  • We do not accept complete or partial nudity of any kind, if you need to change clothes at any part of the evening please use the toilet cubicles.
  • Seating is provided at our events for those who require it (please remember that not all disabilities are as visual as others). Do not move furniture in the room without asking permission with Edinburgh Ceilidh Club. We set our venues out the best way we can before the event so there is nothing in the way of the dancers and for the best accessibility for people who attend. We do not offer allocated seating so no seats can be claimed, but please do respect others needs if they request a space to sit.

If you are feeling harassed or made to feel uncomfortable by any person or have any other concerns please talk to one of the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club or venue staff immediately or email with details of the incident. We will take your concerns seriously and take appropriate steps to address the issue.